In Australia, we experience extreme weathers and the summers can get intolerable without air conditioning. 

Almost three-quarters of Australian homes now have air-conditioning systems and more than one million air conditioners are sold every year. 

Types of air conditioners

There are three main types of Air conditioning systems:

  1. Split System Air Conditioning
  2. Multi Split Air Conditioning Solutions
  3. Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions

Split System Air Conditioning

Split Systems are ideal for installation if you want a specific area to be air conditioned. They can provide heating and cooling for individual rooms and compact spaces.

If you’re looking for split system air conditioning for just the living room or your bedroom, or any individual area, then split systems are your best choice. 

The compressor of these air conditioning systems is installed outside the house and the unit that passes air into the house can either be mounted on the wall or installed as a floor standing unit.

A Split System is a more economical option than other Air Conditioning systems as it is a single unit and requires less energy. This can also help in saving your electricity bills.

Even though Split Air conditioning systems can be installed in various spaces, there are certain areas where they can be problematic to install.

Front of the house
Since the compressor will be outside, it can make the entrance or the front of your house look unorganised.

Garages and driveways 

Split AC units installed in garages or driveways can get way dirtier which can cause damage to the unit and it can also get dangerous.

Narrow pathways

Whether wall mounted or floor standing, split ACs installed in narrow pathways can make it difficult to walk across and hinder your accessibility.

How much does it cost to install a Split System Air Conditioner?

The cost of installing a Split System Air Conditioner can depend on the following:

type of the unit

size of the unit

location of the installation

amount of ducting, piping and other cables required

electrical infrastructure of the house

The electrical infrastructure of the house may sometimes require an upgrade to the main power board and the safety switches need to be installed.  

Split system air conditioner installation can cost around $960 to $4,140 for residential properties.

Financing the installation of Split System Air Conditioners

The cost can vary for each installation as it widely depends on the amount of work required for the installation. It can get tricky to install at some spaces, while other areas may need more material.

The payment options can depend on the cost of the installation of the Split Ac system. There most common options are:

Credit card

Depending on your credit limit and your ability to repay in time, a credit card can be easily used to pay for the installation. You may even avail some other benefits like offers or extra insurance if you pay by credit card.

Personal loan

Depending on your personal financial situation and the cost of installation, you can take a personal loan to pay for the installation.  However, the interest rates can be high and the decision should be made carefully.

The cost of the installation can affect your decision of getting a Split AC system. So, it’s important to remember that this installation can help make life easier. And help you save up on electricity as Split Air Conditioning System is energy efficient.