Split System Air Conditioning is a far cheaper and simpler alternative in small homes and offices where you may only need to heat and cool one room. Ideally, split systems are cheaper to install where back to back installations are possible however the base unit can be located just about anywhere that is practical, so long as its on a firm base attached either to a wall or concrete slab.

Split System Installation Like any appliance it should only be installed by a professional, especially where you need to install power and safety switches. Ultimately incorrect installation could not affect the performance of your split system but also void warranty.

The team at Air Generation are fully licensed and accredited. We can supply and install a range of sleek looking and high performance Daikin or Actron Air systems dependant on your individual requirements.

With over 20 years servicing the Camden and Macarthur community, we are able to offer the best service and the best price on Daikin and Actron Air Air Conditioning systems.

What size split system air conditioner do I need?

The simple answer is, you should have a professional assess your home. Things like glass windows, building material, home layout and insulation will affect the performance of any unit that you choose. So making sure you have something powerful enough is extremely important.

As a general rule the size guide for split system air conditioning units are as below

  • 2.8kW – 20 sqm
  • 4.2kW – 30 sqm
  • 5.6kW – 40 sqm
  • 7.0kW – 50 sqm
  • 8.4kW – 60 sqm

Why have Air Generation install your split system?

  • Installations across South West Sydney, Campbelltown, Camden, Macarthur, Liverpool and surrounds.
  • Correctly sized and advised on most suitable system
  • Colour bond trunking to match your home
  • Packaging and installation debris removed from site
  • Liquid and gas refrigeration lines insulated
  • Electrical isolation provided  
  • Reliable support and service
  • Demonstration on operation of your system