Air Conditioning Repairs 

We understand how painful it can be in the middle of summer or winter and your air conditioner stops cooling or heating. The team at Air Generation do our best to respond fast and help to fix the problem. Unfortunately, many people avoid servicing their air conditioners in the hope of saving a few extra dollars but the truth is many air conditioning system failures can be avoided with some regular maintenance.

Air Conditioner Repairs

Taking proactive steps to service your air conditioner will help to avoid those frustrating breakdowns when you need it most.

There are a few simple things to try if your air conditioner is not performing as it should.

  • Clean your filters, this is one of the most common problems we find being blocked and dirty filters. You can generally remove these and give them a good clean with the garden hose.
  • Reset your air conditioner system by turning it off at the break for 5 to 10 minutes then turn it back on.

Before calling our team try and obtain the following things if available

  • Obtain a model number of your unit (You can generally find this on your outdoor machine)
  • Check to see if a fault number is displayed on your controller, if so write this down so you can provide it to a member of our team.

What are some common problems that air conditioners need fixing?

  • Air conditioner not cooling
  • Air conditioner not heating
  • Leaking water
  • Air conditioner not powering on
  • Air conditioner needs to be re-gased

What brands do we repair?

Air Generation repair all major brands of air conditioning systems. Our experienced fully qualified trades person will inspect your air conditioner to establish what's wrong with your system. Some of the brands we commonly work with are

  • Daikin
  • Actron Air
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Sharp
  • LG
  • And many more