Ducted Air Conditioning systems give you autonomous control over your house with many different options to be able to set and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or office all year round.

Air Generation have been designing and installing ducted air systems into new built and established homes across the Camden and Macarthur area for over 20 years. Specialist in the supply and installation of both Daikin and Actron Air we have access to variety of systems both small and large to service all types of homes and areas. 

Ducted systems can prove a lot more economical when compared to traditional split systems as they allow you to turn off zones or individual rooms when no one is using them which in turn will save you money.

Whilst there is typically a higher upfront cost, ducted air has a higher efficiency as opposed to a single split system units. Ducted air is designed to cool and heat multiple rooms simultaneously whilst maintaining control via a digital thermostat.

Another advantage of ducted air conditioning is the peace and quiet that ducted offers. With the outdoor unit operating efficiently outdoors many systems operate in complete silence.

Whether your replacing your existing ducted air system or installing ducted into a brand new home our team are highly experienced in the design and installation of ducted air systems.

Ducted Air PanelDucted systems are aesthetically pleasing

One of the most popular things about ducted air conditioning systems is that it’s almost invisible. There is nothing hanging off walls and all vents are neatly set within your walls or ceilings. The lack of visibility makes ducted air conditioners the best choice for those who want their home or office to look its best.

Ducted Installation Quote

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