For over 20 years Air Generation have been providing residential air conditioning services across Sydney and the Macarthur region. Air Conditioning has become an essential part of many homes here in South West Sydney as we continue to experience long hot summers and ice-cold winters.

Ducted AirUnderstanding the type of house and the area that your trying to heat or cool is an essential step in being able to recommend the right air conditioning unit for the job.

There are many different brands and types of units which include split system, multi split systems and ducted air systems.  With different technologies throughout the many leading brands, there are options to suit all types of rooms and houses.

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home will ensure reliability, comfort all year round and most importantly energy efficiency. The supply of electricity is never going down, so selecting a system that is going to be efficient will ensure that you can affordably heat and cool your home.

Installing Ducted Air Conditioning

Inverted ducted systems have proven to be a more economical and quieter way to heat and cool your home when compared to conventional units. Ducted systems can generally work harder in extreme outdoor temperatures and reach a desired internal temperature faster when compared to other options.

Installation of a ducted air conditioning unit often has a slightly higher outlay. Ducted systems are more complex to install and require careful planning and design to ensure correct operation and installation as per manufacture requirements.

Air Generation have been installing ducted air into both new and existing homes for many years. Highly experienced in the design and installation of ducted systems, our team can provide you with fast and superior level of service at a very competitive affordable rate.

Split System Air Conditioning 

Buying the best split system air-conditioner in Australia is really dependant on the size room your trying to heat or cool. Splits are a fantastic way to stay cool in summer and warm in winter as they may be more cost effective to purchase.

With so many different sizes and compressors we have access to an extensive range of units that are going to keep you comfortable when you need it most.

Our technician will be able to assess your premises and advise on the most appropriate location and system to install your new split air conditioner to achieve optimum performance.